Matt Kenseth has done quite a bit in his career - 31 Sprint Cup Series wins, a championship, two Daytona 500s. But he and his wife Katie are taking on a whole new challenge, outside of raising three young girls. The Kenseth's have partnered with Matt's sponsor Dollar General and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation to produce a book about bullying.

"It fit in really good with Katie and I, raising three kids at home under five," Kenseth tells WSB on National Youth Literacy Day. "We read to them every night and they enjoy reading. The message was something we thought was important, seeing our kids come home from school sad because someone hurt their feelings and picked on them. Plus, you don't want them to go to school and do that either."

The book is called "Race Against Bullying" a 22-page children's book that is the first in a series called "Matt Kenseth's Race for Success" - the book is available for $3 at Dollar General.

We had a little fun with Kenseth, referencing the time in 2007 when his former and soon-to-be teammate Carl Edwards confronted and fake punched at him following a run-in at Martinsville.

"If he plays his cards right, I might give him a copy of it," Kenseth chuckled.

Hear Kenseth discuss racing at Atlanta, his son Ross' racing career, and the question "nobody" asks him about winning in 2014.