Tony Stewart has become as easy target for criticism following his latest injury.

I believe that, for the most part, it's unfair.

I have been critical of Smoke going off to run other series.  I think there's been a lot more downside that upside; especially considering how many folks at Stewart-Haas Racing are dependent on Stewart being at the track, and on the track, satisfying the team's sponsors.

But, this dune buggy accident, in my mind, is a completely different animal.  He wasn't putting himself in a situation where someone else's mistake could have put him in danger.  He was out riding with friends.

Tony Stewart is not the kind of guy you wrap in bubble-wrap and stick him in the corner until it's time for a Cup race.  A large part of what makes Tony Stewart, "Tony Stewart Champion Race Car Driver", is that daredevil part of his personality.  All the greats are adrenalin junkies.  The speed and elements of danger are what they thrive on.

You completely remove those elements from Stewart's life, and you take away the things that have made him great