We all figured there would be some of the unexpected and unusual this year, but I don’t think anyone imagined that we would have five first-time winners in the first half of the season.  Five!

Considering that the highest-ranking non-winner now is Ty Dillon in 26th, I don’t believe we’re going to get another first-time winner this year.  But, with the way this year has gone…who knows?

All this variety in Victory Lane has been refreshing.  I think it has given the sport a spark.  The biggest complaint we hear year after year is that folks get tired of seeing the same faces in Victory Lane.  Not only has this season changed that, but it’s also given the sport’s “future star search” a real injection of youth.

The average age of the first-time winners: 27.

And every one of them is in a quality ride that should give the plenty of opportunities to win more down the road.