I shouldn't be surprised, but I still am amazed by the reaction of some fans to Kyle Busch's post-race press conference.  For those that missed it, Kyle was asked if he was surprised that Austin Dillon made it to the end of fuel, and Busch's response was, "I'm not surprised by anything.  Congratulations."  He then dropped the mic and left.

For years, we've heard fans begging for drivers who show personality, and who care about winning over "good runs".  Then they get one and what do they say?

"What a baby."  "What a sore loser."

What do you people want?  You can't have drivers who have the passion to win that a Kyle Busch does, and then expect them to be all happy happy joy joy after losing to a car that wasn't as good.

I talked to Kyle Busch on pit road after the race, and it was clear he wasn't happy about his second place finish.  Yet, he still gave me a thoughtful answer and praised his team for having a car good enough to win.

I don't think anyone ever accused Vince Lombardi of being a baby when he said, "show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser."