As it turns out, Erik Jones' win at Daytona was a one week break from the dominance of The Big Three.  Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick and Martin Truex, Jr. have now combined to win 14 of 19 races this year.

We've heard all of the reasons that this smackdown is happening this year.  I'll cull it down to three simple words: they're really good.

There are numbers to back me up.  Harvick and Busch are second and third in wins among active drivers behind Jimmie Johnson's 83.  The three of them have combined to win a total of 109 races in the Cup Series. 

And, just maybe, here is where the experience factor comes into play to the detriment of the young guns.  The seven drivers who have won this year have combined for a total of 141 career wins.  Take Johnson out of the equation and the rest of the full-time field (roughly 30 more drivers) have combined for: 142.