I am really loving this Chase format.  If you were one of those complaining that winning didn't mean enough; you can stop that now.

As it currently stands, with two races before the Chase, three drivers outside of the top 16 in points stand to make the Chase.  Of those three, only one of them would have had, even an outside chance of making the Chase if it wasn't for his win.

And, still, if you're old school, consistency will still be rewarded.  At least one driver will make the Chase based on points.

To all the naysayers who want to complain that only the guys in the Chase will get attention during the Chase…who is getting the attention now?  Certainly not the top 10.  Even with the win, would Chris Buescher be on anyone's radar under any other format?

Can points racing be an effective strategy for anyone but Buescher the next two weeks?  That's what I'm looking for.  I want to see guys race to win.