I like that this new Chase format allows drivers to be more safety conscious and not have to climb in a car with a broken leg or their eyes taped open in order to stay in the championship hunt.

To me, it's a common-sense solution for both the driver and his or her fellow-competitors.

What I'm not in favor of; is waiving the top-30 requirement to make the Chase.  Even with a win.

Our friend, Dustin Long of NBC Sports, did the math, and has determined that Kyle Busch would need to average around a 15th place finish from Charlotte to Richmond to have any chance to making the top-30.  A long shot? Yes.  Mathematically doable?  Yes.

And, it can be a win for his sponsors, as, if he makes a run at that, it certainly will grab plenty of weekly attention.  That's not something that would happen if he didn't have any chance of winning the championship.

I don't like the idea of waiving the top-30 rule for a number of reasons; the main one being: where does it stop?  While NASCAR may feel, somewhat, responsible for Kyle's injuries here; what about the guy who gets hit by a drunk driver going to the grocery store?  Does he get a waiver too?

Making the Chase is, and should be, based on a season-long body of work.  If a driver missed enough of the season to keep them from reaching a minimum requirement, they shouldn't be allowed in.