Everything's great.  Really?  Does it have to be?

That's what Kyle Busch said…repeatedly…after his NASCAR-brokered meeting with Joey Logano.

Why, when the media and the fans are clamoring for personality and emotion, is the first question a driver is asked at the track the next week, "Have you guys talked yet?"

Somehow, I don't believe that the first thing Richard Petty and David Pearson or Cale Yarborough and Donnie Allison did on a Monday morning, was pick up the phone and ask if they were okay.  I don't think they really cared.  In fact, I knew Dale Earnhardt, and he thrived on other drivers believing he was mad at them.

The motor home lot has changed this sport; and not all for the good.  The drivers and their families are living in the same neighborhood every weekend, so no one is really allowed to stay mad at anyone for long.

It's okay if everything is not great.  A little bad blood that runs for more than a week or two can be good for the sport.