There is little uglier than family squabbles; especially when they make their way into the public.  That's exactly what we're seeing with Dale Earnhardt's widow, Teresa, continuing legal actions to keep Earnhardt's son, Kerry, from using the family name on his "Earnhardt Collection" homes.

I understand her wanting to make sure she protects her husband's legacy; but against his children?  I've got to believe that Dale would be proud of his kids finding success.

Unfortunately, this strong-arming is not new.  Full disclosure, 14 years ago, after I did an opinion piece, I was cornered by a Teresa confidant who ordered me to apologize and rescind my opinion because "Teresa is happy with the report, you need to be too".

Dale Earnhardt, Junior's challenges with his step-mother have been well-documented; but, he's moved on, as have the fans who once bought Earnhardt souvenirs.  And, the folks who have become fans in the last 15 years aren't buying them either.

They don't need to get along all the time, but the Earnhardts all share a love…of Dale.  And, this kind of internal fighting benefits no one.

They just better hope Disney doesn't do a movie on this; you know how they draw step-mothers.