All it takes is one.  That's it.  One bonehead like that guy in Bristol can ruin things for everyone.

I cover a lot of other sports and there isn't another that offers the kind of access to its athletes like NASCAR does.  And, there isn't another group of athletes who, as a whole, take as much time to sign autographs as NASCAR drivers do.

Here you have Kyle Busch, who had a rough enough evening that it would have been very understandable if he'd just walked off and not signed any autographs; actually stopping and interacting with fans when Mr. Tough Guy decides to confront him.


We don't know for sure what the fallout will be, but the possibilities could be that the drivers will be less inclined to interact with the fans, or the tracks and NASCAR will make sure that the fans are kept further away from the drivers.

Much like we've warned fans who complain about bad language on the scanners…complain too much and they'll take them away.

Situations like this become cautionary tales about not appreciating what you have until you don't have it any more.