A thrilling end of the Cup regular season; battles at the top and bottom of the playoff standings.  A Cup playoff opener that has turned the playoff standings on its collective ear. A three-wide Xfinity finish at Daytona and a battle for the regular season title there with two races still to go.

So much to digest.  So much to talk about.  So, let’s talk numbers.

 Not numbers as in stats.  Numbers as in where they’ll be on the car next year.

 Yep, with all that’s going on, that’s all some folks seem to want to talk about.  It started with the video of Kurt Busch’s new ride and has continued with video coming out of the Next Gen test at Daytona.  For some, it’s the last straw.  They’re now done with NASCAR.  Moving the numbers forward a little is the final slap at great NASCAR traditions.

 Okaaay.  If your passion for the sport is that shallow…see ya.

 The placement of the numbers on the sides of the cars will have nothing…NOTHING, to do with the on track product.  Isn’t that all that really matters?  Everything else is just window dressing.

 It used to be bad luck to have a green race car or women in the pits.  And, there used to be numbers with triple digits.  How many fans left because all of those things changed?

Actually, I’d rather not know.  We haven’t missed them.