One of the big themes of last weekend's visit to Las Vegas was: how much information would teams be able to leverage for the first-ever second date in Las Vegas.

For some fans though, that date is coming with a big question mark.  They have seen tracks, like Fontana, learn that a second date doesn't mean doubling attendance; it means more like splitting one date's crowd between the two…plus a few more fans.

I think Las Vegas is a different animal.  While other tracks depend largely on locals to fill large sections of the stands, Vegas gets relatively few locals.  But, it thrives, because, it's a destination.  There may be very few fans who will make both dates.  For those who do, they're far enough apart that two trips to the Strip becomes affordable.

Last Sunday, I had a chance to talk to a lot of fans at the O'Reilly display, they were from places like Nevada, California, Utah, Washington, Minnesota and a bunch of them were from Canada. 

See, fans will travel to Las Vegas…where they get the racing and a whole lot more.