Will it be the old Bristol or the new Bristol?  Frankly, there have been so many changes and tweaks to Bristol Motor Speedway lately, I'm not really sure what the "old Bristol" really was.

Was it the 1973 version when Cale Yarborough led every lap and won by two laps? Or the '76 version when he won by two again…in a 400-lap race?

Was it the Bristol of the early-80s when Darrell Waltrip was winning 7 in a row and the average number of cars on the lead lap was less than 3.  By the way, in 1981, DW was on a lap by himself in both races, and Ricky Rudd was 2nd in both, also in a lap by himself.

Or was it the "old Bristol" where you had to knock a guy out of the way to get past him?

Some believe that the current Bristol has the best racing.  You can run side-by-side through the corners without having to punt someone.

Either way, there is a school of thought that Chase (now playoffs) has hurt the Night Race.  Drivers were more protective of their positions than aggressively pursuing wins.  With the new system, that should be changing.  There are some desperate folks who need a win and, old Bristol or new Bristol whatever either or those were, know that it's Bristol baby and that could lead to fireworks.