I've found it interesting how many folks have jumped on Brad Keselowski's comments about the current Cup car, and immediately pointed at Martin Truex, Jr.'s Kentucky as the shining example of exactly what he was talking about.

Really?  There is no argument that Truex stunk up the show at Kentucky; but, isn't that the goal of each one of these teams?  There's not a driver or crew chief in the garage that wouldn't love to have a car that good on any given night.

So, instead of being critical of what we saw, we should be praising the #78 team for what they were able to do in an era where there is a lot more parity.

And, that's a simple truth.  Every time I hear someone pine for the old days when the racing was "more competitive", I shudder.  The good old days?  When the average number of cars on the lead lap at the end of a race was 3 or 4?  When winners would, sometimes, finish on a lap by themselves?  Those good old days?

I'll take what we have now 10 times out of 10.