I am constantly asked about the state of NASCAR.  Why is attendance down?  We see the tracks taking out seats.  When I answer that NASCAR is far from alone in this decline, I'm occasionally looked at like I've got three heads.  But, it's true.

Over this last weekend, I attended a college football game at Fed Ex Field; the Redskins' stadium.  I was surprised to find that there are around 10,000 seats taken out…covered by big boxes in Fed Ex colors.

Why was I surprised?  Because, nationally, no one is talking about it.

The Redskins used to have one of the longest season ticket waiting lists.  Now, they've reduced capacity; and the reasons (after a mediocre team) sound all too familiar.  People don't want to battle the traffic and commit 6-8 hours.   People are happier sitting at home and watching it on their big screen TV.  Plus, they can see it better there.  Tickets are too expensive.

And, this is the formerly Teflon-coated NFL we're talking about.  If they're having problems; it tells me it's an industry-wide issue.  That doesn't lessen NASCAR's problems.  But, it does tell NASCAR fans that they're far from alone.