I am absolutely floored by the number of people who have enraged over NASCAR's decision to end a Chase race short of the scheduled distance because of weather.  These people need to return to Earth and join the rest of us in reality-land.

No, ending any race short of the full advertised distance is not ideal.  But, it's the reality you deal with when you have a sport played outdoors, that cannot be played in the rain.

And, I do not want to see one set of rules for the regular season and one of the playoffs.  Everyone knows what the rules are going in and, especially in this day, everyone has access to the same information about the weather.

Would it be possible to have teams come back a day or two later and run the last 41 laps?  Yes.  But it doesn't make any sense on a logical level.  Not for the fans or the teams or logistically.  It's pretty easy to sit on your sofa and say they should come back, but when you have to plan, staff, coordinate and pay for those extra days; you have a different perspective.

In Texas, NASCAR did it right.