Everybody loves a good comeback story; and that's exactly what we've had with Brian Vickers' win at New Hampshire. What he's been through the last three years is well-documented. Now, to have that road lead to Victory Lane: none of us will really know just how satisfying that is for Vickers.

But, I think, lost in the celebration is one of the best crew chief performances in the game the last couple of years. As much as we talk about the importance of driver and crew chief communication; I present Rodney Childers.

First off, he's one of the nicest guys in the garage area. Then, take a look at the on-track numbers the last two years. Working with three different drivers, he had the #55 car 15th in Owner's Points last year. In 2013, doing the same thing, he now has a trip to Victory Lane under his belt, and has the #55 in position for an Owner's Chase Wildcard spot.

No doubt he's been dealt a difficult hand. But, he's turned it into a winning hand few others in the garage area could duplicate.