Why do we love sports?  Excitement, uncertainty, passion.

As we get ready to enter another NASCAR season, you're going to hear lots of predictions as to who folks believe will make the Playoffs or the finals or win the title.  And, that's perfectly normal.

But, what fun would it be if those turned out to be right, and everything went according to expectations?  There wouldn't be much reason to pay attention, would there?

We pay attention, because every once-in-a-while, the unexpected happens.  Whether or not you're an NFL fan, you've heard about Minnesota's improbable last second play to beat New Orleans. 

Who saw Trevor Bayne winning the Daytona 500?  Or Regan Smith the Southern 500.  Or Jamie McMurray, at Charlotte, in his second Cup start?

How about Denny Hamlin versus Chase Elliott at Martinsville?  Or Matt Kenseth taking out Joey Logano?

Those unexpected moments create buzz and excitement.  They get the fans talking…and debating.  And, that's all good.

So, enjoy those moments this season when your favorite driver wins; but cherish the surprise moments.  They're what keep us coming back.