I'm torn in how I feel about Tony Stewart's pending exit from a NASCAR driver's seat.  On one hand, I hate that our time to watch him drive on a weekly basis is nearing an end; on the other hand, I'm glad he's leaving on his own terms.

Stewart will end up in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  He is one of the most all-around talented drivers we have seen.  Very few have made the leap from open wheels to stock cars as well as he has.  And, he stunned a lot of folks, including me, by not only winning when he moved to, what was, Haas Racing; but winning a title as well.

Stewart has admitted that a large part of his on-track struggles this year can be attributed to his inability to get comfortable with the lower horsepower package.  With signs pointing to the lower downforce package in 2016, the sport is staying outside of Stewart's comfort zone.

The good news is: Stewart won't be going away.  He'll still be a presence as a car owner and he may be able to give up golf and go back to his golf game…at local tracks around the country.