Treacherous and sketchy.  Besides being a great name for a band, they were also the two words we heard most to describe Texas Motor Speedway.

When you read between the lines, and watch the races there, you come up with a simple definition of what TMS is now: tough.  And, that’s just fine.

It’s supposed to be.  If these are, indeed, the best drivers in the world, as they proclaims to be, they got to the top because they were tougher and more driver than the folks they grew up racing against.   Why shouldn’t there be tests at the top level of the sport that further separate the very good from the good?

I’ve maintained for years, that, if they build Darlington today, the drivers would hate it.  But, because of the tradition and history of the place, they love it, respect it and embrace the challenge of it.

Why can’t a newer track get the same courtesy?  Let’s let the current TMS track surface age a little more and let’s see if the same respect can emerge.