There’s a famous quote, “there’s no greater burden than great potential”.  How many times did you hear that as a kid growing up?

That also describes NASCAR’ s All-Star race. It’s a race that has been a victim of its own success for over 25 years now.  For a while we were getting spectacular, memorable finishes about every other year.  Then they tailed off.

Since then, we’ve played with the format over and over again, trying to re-capture some of the magic from the early days.  But, it just hasn’t worked.

I believe that, if you polled the drivers and teams, you’d find that most would be happier with an off-week than the All-Star Race.  So, do we pull the plug on the event or keep trying new ideas and new venues?

The original concept was to move the race yearly.  Year One was in Charlotte and, then, Atlanta.  But, that second year, the media members may have out-numbered the fans.  So it was back to Charlotte permanently.

The event has potential, but, has the burden to meet that become too great?