Do politics really need to make their way into every facet of our lives?

The entertainment industry is supposed to be our escape from the trials and tribulations of our everyday lives.  And, sports are a big part of that industry.

I don't want to hear anyone's political views during a pre-race prayer any more than I want to hear them from some Hollywood star on an award show.  Somehow, I find folks who do this as incredibly self-serving; acting as if their opinion matters more than my own.

To espouse political views during a prayer only takes the attention away from who it should be on, God, and puts it squarely on themselves.

And, it goes for national anthem singers too.  There is a difference between politics and nationalism.  Frankly, if you weren't a sports fan, when would you even hear the national anthem?

That simple fact gives the performance some importance.  Respect the job you have been given and keep your opinions to yourself.  We'll have plenty of time to hear those when we've finished enjoying the event.