There are many truths in life and one of them is that, eventually, Father Time will win.  While there are advantages that come with age, sooner or later the deterioration in skills will override the advantage that wisdom and wiles provided.

            And while the sample size for the 2017 NASCAR season is still only 5 races, you can see where we're headed in the very near future.  Youth is being served.

            Check out the top 5 in Monster Energy points…Martin Truex, Jr. is the elder of the group at 36.  Brad Keselowski is four years younger and the other three are all between 21 and 26.

            Throw in 23-year old Ryan Blaney and Kyle Busch who is all of 31 and you have half of the top-10 who are shy of their mid-30s.

            The fact is: this isn't unusual.  It happens every 12-15 years.  Just make a note of it on your calendar that 2017 could be the year the trending stops and the numbers shift to show the kids have taken over.