There are a lot of things to be irritated about in the way the Talladega race finished.  But, none of them are bad enough to prompt throwing cans and other things from the stands.

What exactly were you throwers expressing anger over?  That the last nearly two laps of the race would be run under caution?  That Joey Logano won?  That Dale Earnhardt, Jr. didn't?  That Logano didn't let Junior win?  Or, none of the above?

It doesn't matter.

There is no excuse for throwing stuff onto the "field of play".  First of all, someone in the stands could be hurt (and hasn't fan safety been a big focus lately?). 

Forget the fact that Toronto's baseball fans were ripped for throwing stuff during their series with Texas, when NASCAR fans throw stuff, all it does is reinforce the stereotype that we are nothing but a bunch of backwoods red necks.  Anyone who throws stuff, should be thrown out.

Or, you could look at it this way: right now, this is one of the few sports where you are still allowed to bring your own drinks into the stands.  Keep it up and you'll be paying $12 for a beer and it will come in a plastic cup…that's not aerodynamic.