In Year Two of NASCAR's Throwback Weekend at Darlington, I thought the teams really upped their games from Year One.  That begs the question, what can they do to make it better next year?

I believe the answer is: take a couple of years off.

Our tendency as Americans is to take something we like or something that is popular and use the heck out of it, to the point that we're sick of it.  Think about a commercial you like; you don't feel the same way after you've seen it 25 times.

Or a TV show that runs out of ideas and decides to go with character development in season three instead of more zombies.

The only way to keep the throwback theme fresh is to ­not­ do it every year.  Let's be honest, there are only so many iconic paint schemes.  And, it could get more difficult, over time, to get the current sponsors to buy-in to altering their current identity.

The throwback idea works because it's unique.  Do it every year and it's no longer unique.  Do you pay much attention to the special paint schemes in the All-Star race anymore?  I didn't think so.