Isn't there anything that will make you happy?

I feel for NASCAR.  How can you satisfy a fan base that doesn't appear to be satisfied with anything?

Now, I understand it's not everyone.  But there are some very vocal fans who aren't happy about anything; even to the point that they show up on the opposite side of the same issue depending on the week.

For example, after Bristol, all we heard was about how they miss the old Bristol, where you could move people out of the way.  A week later, the same folks were ripping Carl Edwards for executing a textbook bump and run at Richmond.

When Kyle Busch wins an Xfinity race, they're ready to ban Cup drivers from the lower series.  Dale Earnhardt, Junior wins the Xfinity race at Richmond; and it's all how cool it is to see Junior win one in his own car.

Last fall, Talladega couldn't have been more boring.  No cautions for the first 133 laps.  Where were the wrecks and the "big one"?  Now, they're out of control.  NASCAR needs to figure out a way to keep them from wrecking so much.

So, which way should it be?  Or, is it just that some folks aren't happy unless they're complaining?