It’s why we love sports.  The thrills, the drama…sure.  But, it’s the unexpected that keeps us coming back.

I’m reminded of an old Twilight Zone episode where a gambler dies and , in the afterlife, ends up I a casino where he does nothing but win.  It was fun for a while, but then he tired of it.  He went to the proprietor and told him that. He just didn’t belong in Heaven; he couldn’t take all the “nothing but” winning.  The proprietor replied, “You thought this was Heaven?”

Life would be pretty miserable if we always knew what was going to happen next.  That’s one of the reasons then NCAA Basketball Tournament is so popular.  It’s the ultimate in the unexpected.

So far this year, NASCAR has delivered, if not the unexpected, certainly some surprises.  Who thought that, five races in, Kevin Harvick and Denny Hamlin would be winless after they won 16 races a year ago?

It’s why we keep coming back.  If we knew every outcome ahead of time, we might do well in Vegas, but life might just be one big rut.