There's nothing quite like a restrictor plate race. They're riveting entertainment; watching the cars run almost constantly nose-to-tail and often doing so two, three or four wide.

You can't look away, you're afraid you'll miss something. Something, of course, being a big wreck.

The drivers and teams go into races at Daytona and Talladega knowing that there's a decent chance that the car they start the day with will be junk by the end of it. And, often, especially towards the end of the races, race that way.

That's what makes these races exciting to watch.

The new points system has had an interesting effect; some guys see restrictor plate races as their best chance at a win, others can see the front and want that win, then, there's the Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Effect, where he decided that, with a win in his pocket, the potential reward of a second win wasn't worth the risk of what it would take to get him there.

But, as engaging as these races can be, I think four is enough. It works because you don't see it every week. I know the drivers and teams couldn't take much more of these; and I'm not sure we, the fans, could either.