It has taken NASCAR awhile to get here, but I'm glad they finally have.  We have been calling for years for the sanctioning body to provide a traveling medical staff that, not only knows the drivers and their history but also is a familiar face in the medical center.

This move has been avoided due to liability concerns, but they have found a way for it to work for all parties. 

The move to park damaged cars if they require extensive repairs is also something of a change in thought-process for NASCAR.  Pretty much since inception, teams have been piecing cars back together looking to get back on the track and collect as many points as they could.

Frankly, NASCAR encouraged this by not giving everyone, say, 30th and below the same number of points.

I'll be interested to see if the inability to grab an extra few points will ultimately cost someone a spot in the playoffs.  But, in the short term, I'll be happy without pieces of sheet metal flying off or cutting down tires over and over.