I love the changes to qualifying. Even though we don't know exactly how the strategies will play out when it begins for real, it has to be better than what we've had.

One car at a time has never been the hallmark of excitement, but since we eliminated the second day of qualifying and adapted the top-35 guarantees, there has been little reason to watch. Running for good pit selection doesn't actually resonate with fans.

The reality will likely turn out to be that cars will make only one or two laps during a "session"; but drivers are going to have to go out three different times to have a shot at the pole; or a top-10 starting spot. Fans that attend qualifying at the track, watch on TV or listen on the radio will now get more for their money. The top teams will be on the track more than one lap. This move has now made qualifying day relevant again.

And, in our short-attention-span society, you will know almost exactly how long qualifying will take.