One of the things we love about sports is the uncertainty and unpredictability.  Things rarely play out like we think they will.

Anyone who tells me that this is the final four they expected; they're lying.  I find it impossible to believe that those are the only Gibbs and Hendrick cars you expected to be running for the title.

And look at what happened on track.  After all the drama in segment-ending races at Dover and Talladega, we expected more fireworks at Phoenix.  Ah, but, Mother Nature had other plans.

We've said over and over again that Game 7 moments are special because they don't happen all the time.  You can create the right environment for a Game 7 moment, but there is no guarantee you'll get the desired result.  Phoenix is the perfect example.

And, we could see another at Homestead.  There will certainly be plenty of drama, but I'd be surprised if the finish duplicates last year, when the top two cars in the race were also battling for the title on the closing laps.

If I'm wrong, great.  But, I won't be disappointed if a third place finish is good enough for the champion.  Whomever wins, it will be a great story.  And, don't the stories live longer than the moments?