There's an old saying, "there's no greater burden than high expectations".  That certain applies to NASCAR's All-Star race.

Through a run of good fortune in the early years of the event, we were given edge-of-your-seat thrills that have stayed with us two decades later.  The unfortunate part of those is: we've spent most of the time since then trying to create more of those wild moments.  But, as we've learned over and over, it's nearly impossible to do that; that's what makes those moments so special.

Now, NASCAR isn't alone in putting on a less than riveting All-Star event.  The unique challenge for NASCAR though, is that, basically, they put on an All-Star race every week.  All of the sport's biggest stars compete on the same stage 36 times a year.

So, instead of coming up with different ways to attempt to generate excitement yearly, how about we just make the field more restrictive.  Make it a real elite field and stick them out there to race.  Accept the fact we probably won't get some once-in-a-lifetime moment, and just enjoy watching the best-of-the-best battle.