What a difference a couple of years make.  Remember the first year of this new Chase format when there was all the hand-wringing about how a win wouldn't guarantee you a spot in the Chase?

This year, I don't believe I've heard a single person suggest otherwise.

If you've listened to our show, you know that I've stated since the beginning that we will not have more than 13 or 14 winners and I still stand by that prediction.  And, apparently just about everyone is on board too.  Here's why.

We're 15 races into the season; that's 9 to go before the Chase and we have 10 drivers with wins.  The odds that we have 7 new winners in those 9 races are astronomical.

Right now, if you compare the list of drivers who have won this year with the regular season winners in 2015, it would be identical with one exception: Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

So, give Junior and Chase Elliott wins, throw in a winner in their road course wheelhouse and, maybe, a rain-shortened (or other) surprise and you're at 14.  I just don't see it getting any higher than that.

So, once again, a win will get you in and everyone else is racing for points.