I'm glad the drivers have been more involved in the decision-making process of the sport lately.  After all, they are stakeholders too.

But, there are some instances when, what the drivers want, may not be in the best interest of the sport in general.  I believe this whole back-and-forth about the intended-Atlanta repave is one of those times.

While I appreciate that the drivers like an old, worn out surface that chews up tires…because it rewards those who can tire manage, that isn't necessarily the biggest issue at play here.  When a chunk of asphalt comes up and punches a hole in someone's radiator next year or a 15-minute shower turns into a 4-hour rain delay, are they going to step up and say, "Our bad, we asked for this"?  Or will they be the townsfolks sporting torches and pitchforks and demanding to know how Atlanta Motor Speedway could have let this happen?

How about you, the fan?  Your time is valuable.  Wouldn't you rather see the track err on the side of caution and get things updated before something happens and you end up watching a 4-hour delay?