Can’t we all just get along? Why do we need to?

I continue to be floored by the outcry when drivers get mad at one another and bang fenders.  And, then complain about each other on their radios.

Have we not complained over and over and over throughout the years that the drivers had become too corporate and too vanilla?

So, why is it a problem when they show some personality and some anger?

We, in the media, are always looking for interesting storylines.  So, why, after a little tet-e-tet between drivers, is the first question they’re asked the next week, “have you guys talked yet?”            

Why do we ask that?  What if they haven’t?  Good.  We need some white hats versus black hats.  It makes life more interesting.

If Ryan Preece feels dis-respected by Kyle Larson, so be it.  What happened at Bristol wasn’t even close to over the top for retaliation.  These guys have memories like elephants, with another short track looming this week, chances are we’ll see more tempers flare; the drivers’ jobs are to win…not to get along.