Kyle Busch is one of the lightening rods in this sport.  He is among the most talented drivers we have and his level of success in the Trucks and Xfinity are unmatched. 

The one thing missing from his impressive resume is a successful run through the Chase.  He had one going last year, before getting hit in the rear end at Talladega.  That cost him enough spots to eliminate him from the title hunt. 

As of right now, it looks like he won't have a chance to take another shot at the title.  While no timetable for his recovery has been set, injuries of this sort normally take 5-6 months to heal.  That would have him potentially coming back pretty close to the start of the Chase.

While many fans love to boo Kyle Busch, he has a pretty good legion of fans as well.  One of the great things about Kyle is that he hasn't minded wearing the black hat.  Every sport needs folks who evoke emotion one way or the other.  There's no middle ground with Kyle Busch.

Taking that into account as well as his amazing talent, he will be missed.  Frankly, love him or hate him, the sport is better with Kyle Busch in it.