I've got to tell you, I'm really looking forward to the next three races.  We may not get the playoff drama we were hoping for, but the swapping around of tracks is giving us quite a variety of tracks and histories.

Bristol, Darlington and Indianapolis.  They're each as unique as they come and their individual histories are unmatched.  I can't imagine being a driver and not being excited about this stretch of races.

First up, the high-speed, high-banked, half-mile at Bristol.  At night.  An atmosphere unlike another other.  And, oh yeah, emotions can get out of control.

Then, the south's oldest speedway: Darlington.  If they were to build that place today, the drivers would be screaming for someone to be sent to the nuthouse.  Instead, a Southern 500 trophy has become one of the sport's most prized possessions.

Then, there's the Brickyard.  Not the greatest venue for stock car racing, but a place any race fan needs to check off their bucket list.  You feel history just oozing out of every corner when you walk in the gate.  Don't forget, kissing the bricks was started by the NASCAR teams; and it's now one of the great photo ops in racing.

It's going to be a three-race stroll through history, and if we're lucky, there could be a surprise winner or two to upset the playoff applecart.