Why do we have the same discussions year after year when a superspeedway race ends under yellow?  It’s been a long time since the rules changed.

Once the leader takes the white flag, the next flag ends the race.  You can’t go back and withdraw the white flag because a wreck happened right as the leaders were taking the white flag.  You can’t throw the yellow because you think a wreck is about to happen.

Believe me, no one wants to see a green flag finish more than NASCAR.  And, sometimes, their desire to see a green flag finish makes it look like inconsistencies in their flag throwing.  For instance, if there’s an incident behind the leaders in turn 2 on the last lap, they may hold off on throwing he yellow until the leaders take the checkered; understanding that they’ll have plenty of time to get to a safe speed before getting to the wreck.

In all cases, concern #1 is safety.  And, it should always be.

But, the race has to end at some point.  If it’s not going to be the advertised distance (which would have it ending under caution more than you’d think), I’ll take the current rule over something that could keep extending it to silly extremes.