It's amazing to me that there have been some folks who have been critical of NASCAR's decision to call the Bank of America as early as they did on Saturday.  They have cited the many times that the sanctioning body has waited well beyond the scheduled starting time to try and run a race.

Well, folks, every situation is different, and this one was really different.  The call to postpone early was the right call all the way down the line.

While Charlotte was on the outer edges of Hurricane Matthew it was raining constantly from Friday into Saturday evening.  There were flash flood watches throughout the area.  If the emergency responders hadn't already been sent to the eastern parts of the Carolinas to help, they needed to be on standby to help at home rather than helping race fans get in and out of the track.

Finally, I'll be honest, I much preferred the double-header on Sunday rather than sitting around from 2 or 3:00 on, on Saturday for a race that would have started at 9 or 10:00 at night.  That's not good for the first responders or the fans; especially the ones with kids.