It has been suggested, over the years, that Daytona should host the season finale.  I have always been against that idea.  Too much can happen there that is totally out of the drivers’ control.  I don’t think it would be a fair way to determine the sport’s champion.

But, finishing the regular season there?  I’ve become a huge fan.

Yes, the same argument against an ending still applies’ there is a lot of uncertainty.  And. Lot that happens that’s out of the drivers’ control.  That’s why it’s so enthralling.

It’s a last chance race, and just about everybody has a shot to win and grab a playoff spot.  If you’re the guy on the playoff bubble; it’s nerve-wracking as all get-out.  But, you’ve had 25 races to put yourself in a better position.

How many times, on Saturday night, did you look at the front of the pack and see a guy leading (or right there), whose only way into the playoffs was to win?

I love the way this part of the schedule is laid out.  And, don’t even consider moving Daytona back 10 weeks.