It's a good time to be a young driver who is showing potential, as we are about to have one of those "generational" shifts in NASACAR.

Every 10-15 years, we go through this. And, fans are always wondering how the sport will survive without the current crop of elite drivers. It always has before, and will again.

The timing could be perfect for a driver currently in the 15-25 age group; a bunch of top level rides are going to open up in the next few years. And, the car owners will be looking for folks to fill those seats.

By the end of 2015, by my count, 7 of the sport's biggest stars will be 40 and older. Between them, they have won 15 championships. I would be stunned to see any of them still driving 10 years from now; and expect most will be retired by 2020.

Thus, the whole thing about good timing. Over the last 10 years, some may have missed their window because of the longevity of the current crop of drivers. Now, the fun part is going to be identifying the ones who will be the stars of the future