I recently had a visit to Yankee Stadium and was, once again, struck at how effectively the team embraces its' history. No, it's not the original Yankee Stadium, but you still feel the history of the franchise while walking around the stadium and during a game.

I think there's a lesson for NASCAR in this. I think the sport has been so focused on growing the brand, that, in many cases, the past has been forgotten; or ignored.

During a brief rain delay at the Stadium, the Yankees ran a video spotlighting great moments in franchise history. If NASCAR isn't doing that during rain delays; they should be.

Because of the growth in NASCAR's fan base over the last 30 years, I'm willing to bet that 85% of today's fans never saw Richard Petty win a race. Or David Pearson for that matter. While The King's accomplishments are well-known, how many of today's fans realize that the Silver Fox won more than 100 races?

I never saw Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio play live, but I know all about them. My son never saw Mickey Mantle or Reggie Jackson play, but he knows all about their feats.

There isn't any reason that NASCAR fans, of any age, shouldn't know about the greats in the sport's past. It's just a matter of NASCAR better managing and embracing that connection.