I have received much abuse in social media since saying that I don't think Darlington should have the Throwback Weekend every year.  I'm not a party-pooper, I'm not Mr. Glass Half-Empty.  I said not every year, NOT, not forever.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  And, the sports industry has a pretty good track record of over-doing it when they hit on something good.

I loved Brad Keselowski's throwback to Rusty Wallace's Genuine Draft car.  But, Jimmie Johnson's throwback was to…himself!  So was Denny Hamlin.  So much for celebrating the history of the sport.

How many of you own diecasts of cars that never actually ran?  They just about killed that industry.

Look at baseball.  It was kind of neat when they started wearing special hats and unis for the 4th of July.  Now they've come up with some many reasons to wear special hats, when they wear their regular ones, it's special.

And, how about hockey.  The outdoor game on New Year's Day: genius.  So, let's play three or four more a year.  Now, do you watch any of them?

The throwback well is starting to run dry.  We can keep it special if we limit the number of years we do it.