Never has there been so much angst over something that, in the grand scheme of things, means so little.e  I mean, outside outside of pit selection, what do teams really get out of qualifying?  The pole-winner gets a check and a nice starting spot.  Everyone else?  Bump-kiss.
The order is going to change after the first lap.  And, starting in the back has proven not to be the penalty it once was.  We've seen a lot of guys lately make their way from the back to the front.
NASCAR is right, we are in the entertainment business.  So what if 8 1/2-minutes of non-action turns into the Oklahoma Land Rush?  I found it pretty entertaining.  Thought I do believe NASCAR should have dinged Ryan Newman for blocking the middle like they said they would beforehand.
If you don't like watching drivers sit still for 8 1/2-minutes, give them a 4-minute qualifying session at drafting tracks.
Just don't go back to single car qualifying.  I watched that for more than 35 years.  There's a reason we quit doing it.
Here's my idea...pick pits based on Happy Hour practice speeds and use ping pong balls to determine the starting line-up.  At least that's more exciting than single car qualifying.