I always find it interesting to hear folks question why someone like Joey Logano is welcomed to the playoffs while standing in Victory Lane.  After all, they say, his spot is not guaranteed, there could be 17 winners.

And, I could land a Carl Edwards backflip.  (Actually, there's a better chance at 17 winners.)

We go through this every year.  History says there will be no more than 13 or 14 different winners.  At least one driver, and likely more than one, will make the playoffs on points.  I guarantee it.

We're 10 races in, we have 6 different winners.  For no one to make it on points, we'd need 10 more winners in the next 16 races.  I fully expect 5 of the winless drivers to win, at least, once.  And, I figure that 5 of the 6 who have already won, could easily win again.

That's 11 winners and a maximum of 6 races left.

So, quit worrying about who is getting welcomed in; and start watching points.  Those are going to matter.