I am really happy to see the NASCAR Hall of Fame finally open their doors to car owners.  It's overdue.

I have been one of the advocates of the car owners from the get-go.  Car owners are different than drivers.  Their days in the sport aren't numbered in the same ways.

When you look at today's most successful car owners, Gene Haas is 63, Rick Hendrick 66.  The rest are in their 70s, and can you honestly see any one of them actually retiring?

No, the book on them isn't complete.  But, enough of it has been written to know if they're deserving of the honor.  And, it's pretty cool that they get to enjoy it while they're still alive.

It's also a win/win for the Hall; as it gets some high-profile ambassadors for the Hall who promote it every time they appear at any NASCAR event.