I wish I had nothing better to do than sit around and do 7 years worth of math.  But, apparently that's what a number of old school Petty and Earnhardt fans have been doing since Sunday in an effort to discredit Jimmie Johnson's 7 Cup championships.

Get over it.

No math in the world is going to discredit what Johnson has accomplished.  He is, and will be remembered as, one of the greatest, if not the greatest driver this sport has ever seen.

Richard Petty himself said last week that you can't compare eras.  Well, you can't compare championship formats either.  And, don't start trying to tell me that Johnson would have only won X titles if he'd had to outpoint the competition over 36 races like Petty and Earnhardt did.  

Based on what?  Your math? 

That logic is flawed.  Maybe Johnson didn't finish with the most points over 36 races because he didn't have to!  The system he won under didn't require it.  Who's to say he wouldn't have if he'd needed to?

All you need to know is that three guys have won 7 and no one else has more than 4.  Under any format, that's impressive.