Every sport has its iconic venues.  Auto racing has Indy, Daytona and Bristol.  There are Yankee Stadium, Fenway and Wrigley Field in baseball.  In football, there is none more storied than Green Bay’s Lambeau Field.

This weekend, NASCAR will venture into a venue that crosses multiple sports and generations and is well-known throughout the world: the Los Angeles Coliseum.

It is the only stadium in the world that has hosted the Olympics, the Super Bowl and the World Series.  In 2028, it will host the Olympics for the third time.

Last December 21st, they celebrated the 100th anniversary of the ground-breaking of the building.

And, now, they’ll host auto racing.

Much like the football game at Bristol a few years ago, it will be a spectacle.  But, it will also be history.  It is going to get the attention of people who never considered watching a NASCAR race.  That’s opportunity.

Take it in.  All of it…before you jump on Twitter and start with your opinions.  It’s an exhibition race.  But, it’s also something we’ve never tried before.  And, it’s sure getting a heck of a lot more buzz that just another Clash at Daytona would be getting.