There is one constant when it comes to some race fans: they love to complain.

Our friend Jim Utter said a while back, "Race fans only hate two things: change and the way things are."

Pick any weekend and the Twitterverse and the airwaves are filled with folks complaining about "too many cautions" or "not enough cautions"; "Jimmie Johnson wins too much" or "What's wrong with Jimmie Johnson".

All of which generally concludes with: "NASCAR needs to do something!"

You know what, no matter how hard the sanctioning body may try, there is nothing that guarantees a great race.  I mean, look at the Men's College Final Four.  Not much there as far as excitement.  None of the games were close.  But no one is clamoring to change the rules to try and make it more like the Women's game, which had three nail-biters.  Or the Masters golf tournament, no down to the wire drama.  No fans calling for Augusta National to be blown up.

So chill.  NASCAR has never been more competitive.  And the good old days weren't really that good.  Not when two or three cars on the lead lap at the end was the norm.