I thought the whole Throwback Weekend theme at Darlington was pretty cool.  There were some good looking paint scheme that took me back and the radio and TV partners brought back some old voices as well.

Now, you know the best way to preserve these good feelings?  Don't do it again next year.

The majority of our fans were looking at paint schemes they'd never seen before.  Yes, I believe it's important to educate them on our history.  But, you can do that without having a throwback weekend every year. 

The best way to take the specialness away from the throwback idea is to do it again and again.  Just look around, there are plenty of examples of folks taking a fresh idea and ruining it.

The NFL's throwback uniforms.  Neat at first…now, annoying.  And, the teams have to wear their current helmets with the throwback uniforms.  The NHL's Winter Classic.  Outdoors on New Year's Day.  Pretty cool.  Until they decided to have four or five outdoor games a year.

Even in NASCAR we've seen this.  I think the driver's picking their song and introducing themselves at Bristol is neat…once a year.  And, believe me, the drivers are over it too.

Revisit the throwback idea in five years; but if you make it an every year thing, the only thing you're throwing back to is last year.